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Deus ex Machina: Logos by Charles Matthew Sauer


Publication Date: March, 2008
Pages: 140
ISBN13 (Trade Paperback) : 978-1-4363-1497-8
ISBN13 (Cloth Hardback) : 978-1-4363-1498-5

Lists and Libraries

Internet Book Database
La Veta Public Library
Longmont Public Library in Colorado
Lyons Depot Library
Curtis Books

Book Clubs and Organizations

Google BookSearch
Book Organizations of Colorado (BOOC)
Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)

Book Signing

Hastings Books, Music & Video 3015 23RD AVENUE, GREELEY CO, 80631 - Concluded January 31, 2009
Lyons Depot Library Author's Row at the Lyons Holiday Bazaar - Concluded December 7, 2008

Book Fairs

American Library Association (ALA) - Concluded July 2, 2008 in Anaheim, California.
Frankfurt Book Fair - Concluded October 19, 2008 in Frankfurt, Germany.
New York Library Association (NYLA) - Concluded November 8, 2008 in Saratoga, New York.

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