Cacophony describes discordinate or inharmonious, possibly meaningless, sounds; disonance. It is often used within the arts to describe notes within music or musical compositions such as those in horror movies, like the compositions of György Sándor Ligeti. Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky's music has been described as cacophonic.

Some of the text within Charles Matthew Sauer's book, Deus ex Machina; Logos is intended to be cacophonic. For instance the following passage is part of a nightmare sequence:

A prehensile arachnid on the lock… Weaving voices mummed intangible pseudosapphirine strophes and pitch and barbules (garrote, garret, canary masquerade), all about my fragmented illusion, which metamorphosed from words into something purposive: "Maria omnious are thus alephious" hovered out of and over the text of the vessel, and clasped, or wraithfully stitched this quiet, as would an oblique clamys, curtain, or copula, preserved for orphic rumination (twisted claws of mizquitl). (page 53)

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