Charles Matthew Sauer is the author of Deus ex Machina: Logos, One Hunter and One Cougar, Facts and Fictions, and Ciphers, Fragments, and Other Random Stuff. He studied literature at The George Washington University ( Washington, D.C.), and graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Weber State University ( Ogden, Utah).

Early in his career, he appeared in magazines such as ELDRITCH TALES and SNEAK PREVIEWS. While establishing a company named Wordsmith Chapbooks, he authored a collection of letters, short stories, and poetry named Mondo Jazz and Z-Axis, which contains poems such as "Rosalind Sanchez", and "Azure Elephants". Later, he worked for IBM - Printing Systems Division as a software engineer.



In an interview about his book, Deus ex Machina: Logos , Charles Matthew Sauer said, "There is a ghost in my fiction."

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Recent Work and Play

After completing the book Facts and Fictions, and pondering many musings about Fibonacci, Sauer began to explore some forgotten snippets of code, specifically overloading operators in C++. If he is not to be found writing code (like this

class filtersyntax
    filtersyntax(wchar_t * typestr, wchar_t * input, wchar_t * output);
    virtual ~filtersyntax(){};
    operator wchar_t*(void){ return out; };
    wchar_t * in;
    wchar_t * out;
    wchar_t * typemap; 

well…), then you might find him somewhere within or just outside of Lyons.

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