Deus ex Machina; Logos is a haunted book. A ghost lurks in the pages of the fiction.

When a software engineer for a printing company takes a vacation to find a secret book, she becomes trapped in a mystery and the telling of the story. From the phantasms of computer encryption to Roman architecture, to Southwestern legends of gold, this book keeps you searching for answers far beyond the idea of a fiction.

Haunting, thought-provoking, and riveting from beginning to end, Deus ex Machina; Logos, the new mystery novel by Charles Matthew Sauer, is a powerful reading experience, masterfully told by one of the genre’s most daring new talents.

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"I do this that I may be more clearly understood, regardless of the teeth of critics who rend the works of authors. Each day new wants arise, impossible to translate with the vocabulary left to us by the venerable majesty of antiquity." - De Orbe Novo; Peter Martyr d'Anghera; Tranlated from the Latin by Francis Augustus MacNutt

What readers are saying:

"This is not your ordinary read. The lines between fact in fiction are strange and interesting. The whole book is thought provoking and everything about it is quite out of the ordinary. . ."

"Mystically intriguing novel. . . You might need to reread this several times... just for the fun of it. And to find new hidden meanings. They abound!!!!"

What critics are saying:

"Poetically symphonic imagery. . . there is depth and sensitivity here." Kirkus Discoveries – A review service from Kirkus Reviews

"… My mother … read the book, and she didn't get it …" - The Angry Princess at Monster Librarian.


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Animating a computer or robot with sensors or even simulated emotions doesn't necessarily imply
a transfer of consciousness or even awareness to the object. That's like saying that the
marble statue of a brooding woman became human because it appeared to be human…

Page 14 - Deus ex Machina; Logos by Charles Matthew Sauer

// The Enciphered Surface of Umbrellas at Hadrian's Villa

// we trudge uphill under umbrella pines
// reinvigorated by the ephemeral mist and drizzle
// issuing from variations of nimbi
// we memorize the view, and ruined objects, cryptically like at the Colosseum, we
#define /* a moat before the rotunda of a */ library /* as */ <stdlib.h> /* istoric */
/* and encipher conversation with definition, */ #define dialog <stdio.h> /* istology */

Page 133 - Deus ex Machina; Logos by Charles Matthew Sauer

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